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Petzi Product Design & Branding

Petzi Product design and branding

problem to solve

Petzi had a great new product that needed to compete in a consumer market, build an online following of users, and get them set up very easily. The Product, an IoT (internet of things) device for consumers that gave them the ability to check on their pets while away, talk to them and even feed them treats. they needed the interface for users to control the device from cell phone. Along with a consumer website we needed to build a full community phone application so that pet lovers of all kinds can share the photos they could take with the device with each other. this would also include the remote controls for the IoT device.

initial concepts

We started with the controls of the device that needed to be tested with the IoT device currently being built before we could launch the marketing site. we also needed to work on simple set up instructions for the "out of the box" experience. these two segments would help the product engineers in solving technical problems early .

They used these concepts to get feedback early from potential customers and investors to make sure we were solving the experience problems before we designed the full blown community. This was still a very agile process as we also were prepping the architecture and design for the mobile applications in iOS and Android and the website in parallel.

Petzi Android application architecture and screen flow

Architecture and design concepts

the client wanted to launch their consumer website and mobile applications at the same time. so we had to make sure the same functions aligned on all platforms. I created detailed architecture maps to collaborate with the front and back end developers on our team.

I then spent a week onsite with client working on the screen designs. We interviewed some beta users at this time and the branding was starting to come together. We started to add the consumer look and feel.



Petzi iOS application screen design

Petzi consumer and community website

branding guide

once everything was getting into product i began putting together the branding and design style guide to drive the future consumer advertising and packaging. it came out rather fun!


The product had an initial product launch with beta users. people were downloading and using the mobile apps before they even had the IoT device and started to build a community which also drove buyers to buy devices. the product still continues to build customers and revise products to be featured in several large pet supply chains.  Problem solved.