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Metropia Application UI/UX

Metropia application user experience and design

Mapping initial user test and competitive analysis

problem to solve

Metropia is a company dedicated to solving traffic problems in major cities by shared collaboration of drive time and routes fueled not just by desire to not get stuck in traffic but also  earning rewards and  donating to plant trees based on your app usage. The product was very beta and was having usability issues through out the application.


initial research

We started looking at how the flow of the user experience was currently, and asking users to point out difficulties they had, how would  it work best for them and what where to most important features to them. I also conducted a competitive analysis and see what functions users liked or did not like.  I then came back to Metropia with an initial feedback review of the current state and proposal for solving the issues we found


user testing

The client agreed with my proposal and we started working on use cases for the application beta. Design prototypes were build and user tested in both live focus groups and remote testing with usertesting.com. after each test we assessed the feedback and iterated the design. We found that users definitely had different ways they used wayfinding. Some like to click on the map, and some liked to use the text search feature. we iterated the design to make sure it was easy for both types of users.

Use case structure for User Testing

Interface design

The interface was designed for a user to be able to use before and during a trip. Screen assets were kept large and simple for easy viewing while in car. haptic type buttons were incorporated so user would have minimal screen interaction and could just tap and swipe to perform prominent tasks.

Core interface design for Apple OS version


Metropia beta launched in several cities on IOS and Android phones. They are rolling out transportation features and user testing constantly to understand how to make a better product. Users are rewarded with points to use at local businesses not only for using the app but also reporting issues. Problem solved.