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Dell Carousel Builder

Dell Carousel Builder

problem to solve

The Dell global retail group had created an internal application for installing interactive marketing display content on it's products. It was suffering from usability issues so customers were frustrated and wanted a simpler solution. By engaging their customers, I discovered their pain points and suggested a simple drag and drop solution to replace the current complicated installation application.


initial wireframes

We needed a way to get pre-built custom libraries of content to be easily connected to the app, this was broken down into the following  use cases: build preparation, setting up the window template, dragging and dropping content from library to each window (while showing progress), adding custom specifications and finally branding and partner logos. Using low-fidelity paper wireframes we tested with users and refined flow to simplify the steps.

High Fidelity comps

Once client approved, I took the low-fidelity mockups and built full working prototype screens for the core user story of "building an carousel for the first time." This was created using Axure Pro, posted online,  to receive further user testing feedback and client input.




Style guide

Dell has an existing marketing product style guide that was used to design a custom style sheet for the front end development team. All assets were then provided in template format.


Once initial development was complete, the product was live beta tested in stores, reiterated and validating that we had solved the user experience issues the client was facing. Problem solved.